Continuing to Grow: Seeking Knowledge, Wisdom, and Intuition

smiling woman seated on a public bench

Just like everything in nature, we are growing. While our growth and changes may not be as obvious as the grass that we have to mow regularly, or the weeds we pull from our garden, we nevertheless are continuing to grow. 

smiling woman seated on a public bench
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Written and Narrated by Marie T. Russell

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Just like everything in nature, we are growing. While our growth and changes may not be as obvious as the lawn that we have to mow regularly, or the weeds we pull from our garden, we nevertheless are continuing to grow. 

Seeking Knowledge

Our growth may be more internal and less obvious to people walking by than the grass, the flowers, or the weeds in our front yards. However, by continually seeking new experiences, new knowledge, and gaining new wisdom, we continue to grow towards the true fulfilment of our being and our purpose.

We may look at the people around us and think they are not growing, but since many changes occur internally, we are not privy to what growth is taking place inside of them. It's just like the seeds we plant in the spring. It can take weeks for the seeds to sprout and burst through the surface. There is a bromeliad in Bolivia that takes from 80 to 150 years to flower.

Let us remember that we all are seeds of light and love, and we are growing, whether visibly or not. We grow every time we have a new experience and a new ah-ha moment! We grow every time we experience a loss or a sorrow. We grow every time we feel joy and love for ourselves and for others. We grow with every breath we take.

Listening to Inner Wisdom

Much of our wisdom comes from our own inner voice. This is the voice that speaks quietly before the "buts", "ifs", and doubts of any kind. It is usually kind, loving, and offering a win-win resolution.

This is the voice that guides us to be kind to someone who is down and out, leads us to help someone in need, and to offer a kind comment to someone who is having a challenging day.

Our intuition speaks to us through our inner voice and guides us day by day, moment by moment. Be willing to trust it even when it feels risky or even scary. If you're not sure, ask your inner wisdom: "Is this the right thing to do?"

The Rhythm of Life

Everything in life has its timing, its flow, its rhythm. Nature's is more obvious of course due to its predictability - day and night (24 hours), lunar cycle (28 days), the four seasons, leaves falling in autumn, buds appearing in spring, etc.

We also have our rhythms though not always so predictable -- at least not to our human brain. I remember years ago following my biorhythmic cycles, and it was very interesting to see the patterns. The same goes for planetary or astrological cycles in our lives. The more we can tune in to the rhythms of nature and to our own cyclical nature, the more in harmony we are with life.

Rather than force ourselves to unnatural rhythms based on schedules and "shoulds", our joy and wellbeing are best served when we follow our own natural rhythms. This leads us to be present in the moment and express our true loving self.

Focus on the Positives

When nighttime comes, if we didn't know any better, we'd think we were doomed as the sun disappears off the edge of the earth. Yet because we know that day always follows night, we don't worry about it.

In the same way, we need to trust that whenever discouraging or challenging events occur in our lives, that "this too shall pass". The joy may disappear for a time, but it will return after the period of sorrow is over.

Rather than focusing on the one thing that is going wrong, we can remember all the positive things that are taking place and have taken place. By focusing on the positives in our life, we will discover and attract more of them. 

Your Intuition Is Serving You

Our intuition is our constant companion in this journey of life. It is our very best friend and is there to help us along the way.

When something doesn't feel right, or when we feel confused, we might be intuitively led to watch a particular movie, or read a certain book or poem, or call a friend, or go somewhere where we bump into exactly what or who we need. All of this is our intuition, or higher self, or Life Itself, holding our hand in the tough moments of life. 

Learning to work with and play with our intuition is a major part in continuing to grow on our journey. Treat your intuition as your "personal assistant", as your guide, as your buddy, as your playmate. Befriend it, and make it your constant companion. Your life will be much the better for it.

Luck or Deservability?

Life is an ongoing process. Just like the plants in our environment, we grow through the blessings and the challenges of life. Luck and deservability have nothing to do with it.

Many times we block our own good by feeling we don't deserve it for some reason. Whether we believe we are unlucky, or not smart enough, or not something enough, we consequently expect and believe that things won't work out for us. This is like slamming the door on our good. It's like refusing a gift that is handed to us freely and lovingly.

We all deserve to succeed at whatever we set our hearts on. We are who we are, where we are, and we choose how to handle the scenarios we find ourselves in throughout this game of life. Luck or deservability just means playing your cards right -- with knowledge, intuition, trust, love, and gratitude.

Being Proud of Yourself

Being proud of yourself - of your accomplishments and of who you are - is an act of self-love, of self-appreciation, and of gratitude for Life Itself. Part of our growth process is acknowledging our successes, not just our failures.

Focusing on what went right is a powerful tool. As humans, we may have a tendency to focus on our failures or lack of accomplishments. Yes, it is necessary to acknowledge our errors or failures so we can learn from them, but we must then reset our focus on what went right and what we need to expand upon.

It is important, as well as empowering, to acknowledge all of our successes, big or small, internal or external. Giving thanks for what went right is a powerful step forward on our life's journey.

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