How to Access Higher Wisdom and Inner Truth

woman holding fireflies

We all have access to intuition. While some people believe that only "special people" are psychic, we all can access higher wisdom. It is like anything else...

woman holding fireflies
Woman holding fireflies. Image by Matheus Bertelli

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Written and Narrated by Marie T. Russell.

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We all have access to intuition. We can all access higher wisdom which we connect to via our heart as well as our third eye. It doesn't take any special talent, or magic power. It takes desire, it takes faith, it takes persistence. 

While some people believe that only "special people" are psychic, we all have psychic capabilities and we all can access higher wisdom. It is like anything else -- anyone can draw a painting... it's just that some people may have practiced more, or have a stronger connection with their creativity, and thus their paintings seem to "speak" to more people.

Higher wisdom is inside each and every one of us. We simply have to quiet ourselves, inside and out, and pay attention to everything and everyone. The wisdom can come through a child, through something you see or read or hear, or through an intuitive thought or feeling. 


The biggest block to accessing our intuition and inner wisdom is thinking we can't. As soon as we doubt our capability to be psychically aware, we close the door to that ability. Our words or thoughts of "I can't" are like a command or request to the Universe who, lovingly, will agree with you... "OK, if you say so."

Henry Ford is quoted as saying: "If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right." Or as written in the children's story book, The Little Engine That Could, "I think I can. I think I can."

We are all capable of intuition and psychic awareness. It's in our DNA, in our innate nature. So first, be willing to believe you can, and then open yourself up to any tidbits of intuition that come your way. Trust them. Trust yourself. And like muscle strength, the capability will grow stronger the more you use it. And remind yourself often: "I can do it!"

Uniqueness & Self Love

A murky and troubled lake or a dirty mirror will not reflect an image very well. In the same way, a murky and troubled mind may have problems getting in touch with inner wisdom. The image in the reflecting glass will be unfocused and unclear.

One of the first things to do to get your mind and your mirror clean is to love and appreciate yourself as you are... a work in progress. Yes, we all have things that we feel could be different or better, yet, we are perfectly who we are at this moment. And the more we love and accept ourselves, in this moment, the more we allow our energy to flow freely.

We are all unique, and when we recognize and honor our uniqueness, this helps us to be in touch with our inner self, our inner truth, our inner wisdom.

The Natural World

The natural world is our ally, our friend, our partner. In nature, we can get in tune with ourselves as well as with nature... and this connection guides us to live in harmony with life itself.

Squirrels know when to gather nuts, birds know when to build a nest and when to migrate, bears know when it is time to hibernate. Animals are naturally in touch with their inner wisdom. But we humans have lost touch with our natural rhythms because we have enslaved ourselves to schedules and to-do lists and clocks.

To access our own higher wisdom, as well as the higher wisdom that surrounds us, we need to stop, breathe deeply, listen to and observe nature, as well as ourselves, and our surroundings. We can learn to get back into the natural rhythm of nature and of life, and this in turn leads us to get in touch with our own innate rhythm and wisdom.


Another impediment to accessing our higher wisdom is fear. This fear takes many forms: the fear of others, the fear of being wrong, the fear of "otherworldly" forces, of evil, of powerlessness, even the fear of extinction as the ego fears its death. 

We may fear, for a number of reasons, that we can't trust the source of our inner wisdom. We may fear that the information we access is wrong, or that we didn't get it right. 

Love is the guiding force in this Universe, and the only thing to fear (if any) is that we not remain firmly planted in Love. The thing to remember is that we are always guided and always safe... no matter what it looks like, or no matter what we think. So remind yourself daily and repeatedly... "I am always guided and safe." This mantra will carry us through thick and thin, through ups and downs, and through all challenges we encounter, imagined or real.


When we flitter about from one thought to the other, or from one action to the other, we have difficulty tuning in to our inner wisdom. Doing so requires a more present state of mind. In other words, we have to stop and pay attention to the now, to the present moment.

One way to do this is to get grounded by connecting with the earth below our feet. We can connect to the energy of the earth and let its life-giving and healing energies rise up into our body.

We can also release to Gaia,  for healing and transformation, any fears, doubts, or lower vibrations. In this way, we can release anything and everything preventing us from connecting with our inner wisdom.


Connecting with our inner wisdom connects us with our own truth. What is true for us may be different than what is true for others. For example, I know that starting my day slowly, even if it means getting up an hour earlier to do my morning stretches, exercises, and visualizations, sets a balanced tone for my day. That is true for me. Others may resonate differently, and that's OK.

I am only in charge of myself. My truth applies to me. It may also apply to others, but that is for them to decide, not me. When I share my beliefs, my experiences, my conclusions (as I do through my writings), some things may resonate with you -- but some will not. The only way to know what is true for you, what is "right" for you, is to access your own inner wisdom by listening to your own inner self, your own inner voice, or inner "ah ha!".

However, one thing is true for all of us: living in harmony with the highest good is the way to inner peace. And our inner wisdom will lovingly guide us to that realization and practice.

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